Never gives up!


Richard Scrope

The Brief

An energy cost effective downsize!

Our clients were looking to downsize from their house in Dorset to somewhere a bit more central.  It needed to be eco-friendly as the property was going to be their retirement home and rising energy costs were on going concern.

How we helped

Navigating the lows and highs!

When our clients purchased their previous house, they drove 14,000 miles and viewed 86 houses before finding the house that worked for them.  My role was to do the heavy lifting, and I set myself a challenge of finding the house within the first 10.  I found it in four.  It was a probate sale, so the property had to go to the open market, but we were the first people through the door.  It then went to best and finals and we were at first unsuccessful as another party pressed the nuclear button.  I kept in touch with the agent believing there was a strong possibility it would fall through, and it did.  I renegotiated and secured the property for a lower price than we had previously offered.

Richards says

"Patience paid off on this property search. Best and finals offers often fall through when one party goes over the top and this was a classic case. We said potentially while continuing the search, but it came back to us fairly quickly and we had the deal done and wrapped up in short order. "

Our client says

"We were introduced to Richard Scrope by Jackson Stops to help us find a new home. His enthusiasm and drive were extremely infectious and encouraging. Despite several hurdles he managed to successfully negotiate the purchase of a house that had a complicated sale, due to probate. We thank him enormously for all his help."
The agent

Richard Scrope

+44 (0) 7983 626761
Richard is based in Bath from where he find houses for clients in the city itself, Wiltshire, Dorset and North...
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