Holding our nerve in a competitive market!

Albury, Oxfordshire


The Brief

Help Required...

Our clients had sold in London and were renting in the local area. After searching for themselves they retained me to obtain a better understanding of pricing in an extremely competitive market, gain access to off market houses and increase their credibility as buyers.

How we helped

Being an expert in more than just property!

Although our clients lived in the local area, I was able to help them focus on the preferred areas of their search. This included introducing them to several schools and helping them decide which area and school would suit their family best. I found them a house off market, which was in need of a lot of work but was the correct style and in the perfect location. I felt the guide price was ambitious, considering the amount of work and advised them to hold fire and let the house come to the open market, believing that the amount of work would put other buyers off. Having held our nerve, we were able to secure the house for £300,000 below the guide in an extremely competitive market.

Eddie says

"When describing what I do to people, this will have been close to the perfect case study. Advice on schooling to assist with working out where my clients wanted to live. Finding an off market opportunity and then being confident enough to let it go to the open market believing we would be able to buy the house well below the guide. To quote John "Hannibal" Smith 'I love it when a plan comes together!'"

Our clients say

"Eddie was absolutely instrumental in the purchase of our dream family home. His local knowledge of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire and relationships with local estate agents are second to none. Without his tact and intervention I don't think we would have had our offer accepted at a price we were able to afford. Furthermore he has an outstanding network of allied professionals including conveyancing solicitors to complement his own knowledge of rural properties, who are able to dig into the necessary detail for a complicated purchase. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to buy a property in the area"