The Prime Minister’s decision to call election yesterday evening is fantastic news for the property market!  With uncertainty surrounding when a mortgage rate reduction might come, coinciding with a horribly wet spring, the property market this year has been somewhat of a damp squib. The fear was that an election in the autumn would have meant a very short selling season, as the market historically stagnates while the campaign takes place.

The General Election campaign will now coincide with the slow start to the summer property market. Looking to the future, if inflation continues to stay around 2% and the anticipated rate reduction happens later in the summer, our prediction is that we will see an active and positive late summer and autumn market.

Price will still be the key to buying and selling houses, and this is where we can help. Over the last year or so, the majority of our clients have suggested that securing the house through our negotiation strategy has been the most valuable part of our service.

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