“being with him (George) is a bit like riding around with Postman Pat…”

Alresford, Hampshire

George Burnand

The brief

An off-market search

Our clients had lived in Winchester for a while and had a huge knowledge in property. They knew what they wanted and had viewed a number of houses, but were concerned they were not seeing the whole market and houses were being sold off market.

How we helped

A lateral approach

We spent a number of days driving around identifying houses that might work. Through a combination of writing to owners, local intelligence and speaking to agents we established that one of the houses was due to come to the market later in the year. We viewed the house as we went into “lockdown one” and shortly before the market reopened we successfully agreed the purchase.

George says

"It was fantastic to buy a house that was on the list of properties we identified early on in the search. It is an lovely house with pretty views and good sized garden. I have loved hearing about the changes our clients are making. One early change was the planting of the paddocks to a wildflower meadow, which very much appeals to my bee keeping hobby."

Our client says

"Despite being very experienced in buying and selling property, we quickly concluded that the Hampshire market is extremely constricted and the best houses sell 'under the table'. Having spent 18 months getting to know the agents and viewing properties, only one house came up for sale that we liked, and we missed out on it following a frenzy of offers. It was clear that we needed help! George was recommended to us by a fellow-parent from our daughters' school. He has an incredibly detailed knowledge, both of the local villages and also of the people (being in a car with him is a bit like riding around with Postman Pat - he is forever winding down the window to say hello to someone he knows). Just as importantly, he is a thoroughly decent guy, and working with him made the process as enjoyable as it could be. Thanks to George, we have a magical family home that we hope will be the bedrock of our children's lives. Meanwhile, at the school gates, others complain constantly that they can't find anything to buy (in some cases, they have spent five years looking). We always say the same thing: give George a call!"
The agent

George Burnand

+44 (0)7702 317249
George is a qualified Chartered Surveyor and his property career spans 25 years mainly as a Partner with Strutt &...
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